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TOYOTA Rent a Car offers ETC devices for all ETC passenger cars*!

[No stopping at toll gates!][Fast without cash!]

you need your own ETC card to use an ETC device.

Notes for ETC when using TOYOTA Rent a Car

Check:1.Confirm the expiration date of your ETC card./Check:2.Insertion direction of ETC card./Cheack:3.Do not forget take ETC card out!

* Do not take your ETC card out of the device while or right after passing through the ETC lane.

Passenger cars (HV, HW, SP, P, W, RV grades) and Vans (V grade) are equipped with ETC devices as standard equipment.
For other grades, ETC devices can be attached as a free-of-charge option.
Please note that the number of ETC devises for other grades is limited. Please inquire the availability in advance by phone.
ETC devices are not offered in isolated islands.

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