With JR Eki Rent-A-Car TOYOTA Rent a Car Travel the Tohoku area the smart way! Travel the smart way with this bargain shinkansen and rental car promotion!

A trip to Japan’s Tohoku area by famous YouTubers

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    Mira's Garden (Hong Kong)

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    NyoNyoTV (Taiwan)

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    NyoNyoTV (Taiwan)

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    BABYMOJIKO (Thailand)

Use a rental car within Japan's Tohoku area only during the promotion period for a bargain.

JR EAST PASS(Tohoku area) + Rental car

What is the JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)?

The JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area) is a special discounted pass available only to customers visiting Japan (with a short-term visa no longer than 90 days) and holding a non-Japanese passport.

It allows unlimited rides on all JR East train lines in the JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area) designated area.

Start with a trip from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport to Tokyo, for example, then ride around, and maybe hop aboard the Shinkansen or a limited express to Aomori or Sendai. In addition to JR East lines, the JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area) allows rides on some non-JR trains in the Izu and Nikko areas.
While in Japan, take advantage of this great offer to see a lot more for a lot less.


For JR EAST PASS holders renting a car

Designated JR Eki Rent-A-Car locations offer
a 10% discount after seeing your JR EAST PASS


Note: Customers living in Taiwan can apply through Creative Travel(Taiwan)

Customers wanting to use expressways at a bargain

NEXCO EAST The Tohoku Expressway Pass (Dorawari) is a flat rate special service!(Dorawari driving discount for standard vehicles using ETC.)

A sightseeing pamphlet is also available for you to enjoy your trip in the Tohoku area even more.

Tohoku Expressway Pass はいたび


Planned promotions

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Get your fill of fun in the Tohoku area! Encounter the unspoiled landscape of Japan, and enjoy the characteristics of the Tohoku area and what only it can offer!

Tourism portal sites of the Tohoku area's 6 prefectures (external links)

Notes: • Various rental car agency discounts cannot be used together. • Optional fees such as for child seats as well as drop-off/one-way fees are not covered by discounts.