Parking violations are stringently controlled

If a violation sticker has been affixed to your car, you must pay the penalty.

Illegal Parking Sticker

Examples of areas where parking and parking/stopping are prohibited

Sign and marking of parking/stopping prohibition

Sign and marking of parking prohibition

When a parking violation sticker is attached to a rented car

1 Reporting to the Police Station

Visit a police station in the same prefecture where the parking violation sticker was issued. Then visit a bank to pay the fine.


2 Informing the Shop Beforehand

Present documents received from the police and receipt for penalty when you return the rented car after going through the formalities.

When you fail to complete the formalities before returning a rented car

We will charge you an illegal parking fee of JPY 25,000 for ordinary-sized cars and JPY 30,000 for semi medium-, medium- and large-sized cars designated by our company.
Moreover, if you fail to A) complete the formalities or B) pay the illegal parking fee, we will report you to the police, Public Safety Commission, and Rent-a-Car Association; and any further requests from you for rental cars will be refused from all branches of TOYOTA Rent a Car and Rent-a-Car Association member companies in Japan.
If you go to the police after returning the car, pay the penalty, and present the parking violation sticker and receipt to us, we will refund the illegal parking fee.

Japanese Law

Below is the Japanese law regarding illegal parking:

Development of regulation on a system to order vehicle users to pay a fine for illegal parking.
(Fourth and Fifth Paragraphs of Article 51-4, Road Traffic Law)

Fine for Illegal Parking

In the event that a driver of illegally parked vehicle does not pay a citation, the user of the vehicle will be ordered to pay a fine for illegal parking.
The driver/user will not be ordered to pay it in the following cases within 30 days after he/she receives a parking ticket:

The driver should normally be responsible for illegal parking. In the event that it is impossible to pursue the driver's legal responsibility, the vehicle user shall be held responsible.

Note: "User" is normally a person listed as a user in the vehicle inspection certificate.

Amount of Fine for Illegal Parking

The amount of a fine for illegal parking is the same as that of a citation that the driver/user of illegal parked vehicle should pay.

Demand for Payment of Fine for Illegal Parking and Mandatory Collection

If the person who was ordered to pay a fine for illegal parking does not pay it even after the payment is overdue, he/she will be urged to pay with a collection letter.
If the person who was urged to pay a fine for illegal parking does not pay within the specified time, the payment may be collected on a mandatory basis.

Development of regulation on consignment of checking illegally parked cars and putting parking tickets on them (Article 51-8 to 51-11, Road Traffic Law)

To check illegally parked cars and put parking tickets on them can be consigned to private sectors. This has led private traffic wardens to patrol the streets and put parking tickets on illegally parked cars.
Traffic wardens patrol in accordance with a guideline in which the police chief provides places and times to be intensively controlled based on residents' intentions and demands.
The guideline is released in advance, e.g., a posting on a bulletin board of the police station.