In Japan, the places where you may park a car are fixed.
If you park in an area where parking is prohibited, you will be penalized and a fine, etc. will be imposed upon you.

Places Where You Can Park

Coin-operated Parking

These are parking lots where a parking fee is charged by 1-hour, 30-minute, or 15-minute increments. The fare is paid at a fare adjustment machine.

Parking Meters

Parking on roads with parking meters is allowed in the indicated areas within the specified times. Only 100 JPY coins can be used to pay. If your parking time exceeds the specified time, you will be committing a parking violation.

Pay Parking Lots

These are parking lots established in connection with department stores, shopping centers, or other such places in urban areas. Some places offer parking validation or discounts after purchase.

Parking Lots at Sight-seeing Areas, etc.

There are parking lots at most famous sight-seeing areas. A charge may be incurred.

Places Where You Cannot Park

Parking Lots Rented on a Monthly Basis

These are parking lots where only those with a contract may park. Parking here is strictly forbidden.

No Parking Area

If you park on a road where parking is prohibited, you will be penalized.

How to Use Coin-operated Parking

Entering the Lot

Park in an open parking space.

After a certain amount of time, a locking plate rises and traps the car in.

Leaving the Lot

Payment is done at the fare adjustment machine before leaving the lot. Check the number of your parking space.

Enter the parking space number into the fare adjustment machine, and press the "精算" (adjust/payment) button.

When making the payment, both paper money and coins can be used.
There are also some machines that accept credit cards.

You can also receive a receipt.

After payment is made, the locking plate lowers. Be sure to check that the locking plate has lowered before leaving the lot.

After making the payment, the locking plate will rise again after a certain amount of time. Promptly leave the lot.