1 How much is the car rental fee?

The hourly rate (basic car rental charge) is calculated based on the scheduled rental hours. Please see here for the calculation.

2 Are there any extra costs in addition to the basic car rental charge?

Additional costs to the hourly rate are required when you join the Double Protection Package, Exclusion of Liability Compensation System, or request extra options. Depending on the return location, a One-Way rental surcharge is charged when you wish to return a car to a different TOYOTA Rent a Car shop than where you rented it. For details, please see each of the following pages.

For the Double Protection Package and Exclusion of Liability Compensation System, please see here.
For extra options, please see here.
For One-Way rentals, please see here.

3 Are there any discounts?

TOYOTA Rent a Car offers a variety of discounts (discounts are excluded from some car classes). Please see here for more information about discounts.