How to Calculate the Rate

You will be charged the estimated rental rate, based on the scheduled rental hours and charges for special equipment before departure. The balance will be adjusted as necessary after you return the car. A prescribed penalty will be charged if you exceed your scheduled rental hours without prior notice.

Total rate is calculated as follows (tax included 10%)

1 Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are set according to grades. (These may differ depending on the period and areas.)

C3 grade vehicle type.
PRIUS with 50 hours of use

(In JPY; includes 10% tax)

2 Discounts

TOYOTA Rent a Car offers a variety of useful discount systems.

3 Service Fees

The following optional fees are chargeable:

Rates in Tokyo(23 wards + some areas*)

*Rate in Tokyo(23 wards + some areas) apply to the 23 wards, Chofu, Higashikurume Ekimae, Musashi Sakai, Oshima, and Narita Airport branches.

For details, please click here

Peak Season Rates

Each region has peak season rate period.

For details, please see "Peak season period/rates".

Special Rates

Remote Island Rate

The remote island rate only applies to Rishiri Island and Rebun Island (TOYOTA Rent a Lease ASAHIKAWA)

Rishiri Island/Rebun Island (TOYOTA Rent a Car ASAHIKAWA)
Grade S A W
Main car models Vitz COROLLA NOAH / VOXY
Up to 3 hours 9,240 11,110 18,260
Up to 4 hours 10,890 12,870 20,020
Up to 5 hours 12,540 14,630 21,780
Up to 6 hours 14,190 16,390 23,540
Up to 10 hours 17,050 20,130 29,150
Up to 24 hours 20,350 23,870 33,220
Up to 48 hours 36,630 43,010 59,840
For each succeeding day (24 hours) 16,280 19,140 26,620
Extra hourly rate
(per hour)
3,410 3,410 3,850

(In JPY; includes 10% tax)


Fuel Charge

Gasoline (or diesel) will be provided with a full tank when you rent a vehicle, so please return the vehicle with a full tank. If you do not return the vehicle with a full tank, you will be charged a fuel fee based on the distance traveled. The fuel charge is calculated as follows:
Customer's mileage ÷ Actual fuel consumption of each vehicle type (calculated by our prescribed formula) × Fuel unit price of each store
* If you refuel during the trip, the amount on the receipt issued by the gas station will be deducted from the calculated fuel costs.
* Various discounts are not applicable to fuel costs.
* Prices may vary depending on the shop. Please contact the shop for details.
For hybrid vehicles, we recommend the HEV Fuel Charging Option, which means that you do not need to return the car with a full tank.

HEV Fuel Charging Convenient and Economical

Saves the trouble of returning the vehicle with a full tank and rewards eco-friendly driving with savings on fuel costs.

Fuel charging is based on the average fuel consumption shown on the display.

Fuel charging is based on the average fuel consumption shown on the display