Kansai Airport

Pick-up Information

Rental Car Return Spots and Routes

*Car Navigation Settings for Car Return
Set your destination by entering "Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport" as the name, "0724551111" as the telephone number, or "946359882*66" as the MAPCODE.

  • Pay 920 yen at the tollgate as the usage fee for the Kansai Airport Access Bridge.
  • After passing through the tollgate, take the right at the first fork in the road. (For Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport: エアロプラザ AEROPLAZA ホテル日航関西空港)
  • Go left at the next fork in the road. (For Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport)
  • Go through Aeroplaza/Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, and about 100 meters from Lawson, the rental car return area will be on your right.
    *A staff member will be here. Return the car by following their directions.

*The road is one-way, so if you have gone too far and passed the parking area entrance, calmly return by using the route titled "Route for if You've Gone Too Far".