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[Important Notice] About the tax rate which will be applied to the rental car basic charges subject to consumption tax rate amendment. (Apr. 24, 2019)

According to the consumption tax rate amendment which will be applied after October 1, 2019, also in accordance with the consumption tax law and transitional measures, the consumption tax rate included in our basic car rental charges, etc. is as follows.

■Rental Car Basic Charges Consumption Tax Rate that will be applied
① Reservations before September 30
・Reservations for departure / return before September 30: 8%
・Reservations for departure / return after October 1: 10%
*For departure and return from end of September to October 1, the consumption tax amount will be calculated by applicable consumption tax rate of each period accordingly.

② Reservations after October 1: 10%

In addition, the period before October 1, 2019 when the consumption tax rate being raised to 10%, the price list and optional charges stated on Toyota Rent-A-Car website and app, there will be a consumption tax rate of 8% calculated in the payment amount, your kind understanding is highly appreciated.

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